Build with 30% higher productivity and lower carbon

Building and construction are responsible for 38% of all carbon emissions in the world. How can the construction industry achieve long-term growth while ensuring a sustainable future? Our answer is digital transformation - we must transform how we plan, build, and operate our buildings.

To this end, MTWO is adding the 6th Dimension, the carbon factor, to its 5D BIM, enabling teams to simulate, monitor, and control construction time (4D), cost (5D), and carbon (6D) throughout the project lifecycle, transforming the construction industry into the most sustainable industry on earth.

6D BIM Drives Efficiency and Sustainability


Adding the 6th dimension to the 5D BIM model, MTWO helps E&C companies improve project planning, execution and operation not only from the time and cost perspective, but also from a sustainability point of view. It supports 6D simulation to compare and optimize your planning and monitor the physical construction, empowering to maximize productivity, reduce cost and minimize carbon emission.


Simulate carbon emission, project schedules and cash flow to reduce risk, rework, waste in physical construction.


Compare multiple carbon emission and cost-time scenarios to decide on the optimal planning.


Optimize resources and procurement planning to reach the lowest carbon level.

MTWO suppliers qualification

Decarbonize Your Supply Chain

The manufacturing of construction materials accounts for about 25% of the carbon emission in the construction industry, which are the largest proportion of embodied carbon of construction and building companies.

To minimize the embodies carbon of E&C companies, MTWO offers a smart supply chain management solution, helping your procurement teams to not only compare suppliers’ contract execution performance, but also their ESG compliance, new energy usage percentage and transport distance, to decide on the best and most energy efficient suppliers.

Real-Time Carbon Checking and Control

With a strong logical database and  BI analytics capability, MTWO Cloud enables AEC companies to store and analyze carbon data throughout project lifecycle, helping to check and control carbon emission easily.

Dashboards and reports about CO2 emission and other critical project matrix can be accessed in real-time to support data-driven decisions making.


Reduce Carbon throughout the Value Chain

By connecting all people, processes and data in a 6D BIM interconnected database anytime, anywhere, MTWO offers instant accessibility to all data and supports to quantify, optimize and monitor carbon emission throughout the construction lifecycle, helping E&C companies to make more informed decisions, be compliant with the more stringent ESG standards and contribute to achieve the target of  carbon net zero in 2050. 

Less Concrete
Less Rework
Less Waste

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