AI-Empowered 5D BIM Construction Cloud

MTWO, developed by RIB and Microsoft, is a cloud-based 5D BIM construction management solution for contractors, developers, and owners – one centralized platform for all stakeholders to collaborate at every phase of the building process. Save time, reduce cost and increase profitability.

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How MTWO can help you

Maximize profit at every turn

With BIM models integrated into the planning workflow, you can manage the entire project lifecycle in one platform to avoid oversights. With complete transparency between all contributors, you will cut costs and shorten project timelines.

Build smarter with AI

Meet McTWO, the artificial intelligence solution for MTWO platform. With Voice Assistant, Chatbot and  Machine Learning and Deep Learning capability, it will assist construction professionals to work smarter, more safely, and more efficiently.

Drive decision-making with powerful data

Understanding your data matters even more in today’s world. MTWO helps you analyze your enterprise big database to draw data-driven conclusions, make smarter decisions and win more business opportunities.

Collaborate seamlessly, efficiently

Connect all stakeholders – along with their talents, perspectives, and data – in one cohesive project delivery solution. Eliminate information silos for consistency and significantly better communication. In turn, shrink risk factors and increase profitability.

What do our customers say

“We decided to go with RIB solution, because we could cover most or all of our capabilities with it. This is really how we bring the benefits in all levels in our organization.” 

—  Philip Stahlmann, Program Manager Digital Operations, Siemens

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