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Automation & AI

The Artificial Intelligence designed specifically to support construction professionals,

increasing efficiency up to 50%.

Work smarter, more safely and more efficiently

Voice Assistant
Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Voice Assistant

Support for hands-free onsite inspection and reporting

Construction managers and engineers spend a great deal of time coordinating resources onsite. Equipped with Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, McTWO helps onsite engineers, managers and supervisors as they capture and record project progress data, which allows for quick decision-making and rapid job modifications.

Hands-free Jobsite QA & QC

Speak directly to McTWO to create a hands-free checklist, making Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes easier.

Safety Risks Reduction

Report safety issues to McTWO instantly. This assistant can initiate the emergency response processes according to plan.

Seamless Communication

Make calls, send emails, and schedule meetings directly through McTWO, allowing you to focus on tasks without interruption.



Quick access to project information, at your fingertips

With McTWO chatbot, estimators, project managers, procurement managers, and executives can quickly make data-driven decisions with confidence by simply asking technical and project related questions. The end result is teams having more information and being able to make the best-informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle. In addition, McTWO can warn, predict and optimize workflow by learning your data.


Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Automate sophisticated workflows and processes

By analyzing historical data, McTWO provides predictions, forecasts, and recommendations.

Data Classification

Automate Material and Procurement Mapping

Just one click and McTWO makes material and procurement mapping as accurately as a well-trained professional.

Prediction & Forecasts

Predict the Cost of Defects

McTWO analyzes defect attributes to predict the cost of potential oversights or errors.

Model Analysis

Connect Model Objects with Estimation Rules

McTWO analyzes both 3D models and cost formulas to estimate project costs.


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5D BIM Project Lifecycle Management
Decision Making

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