Embracing the End-to-End Digitalization for Modular Construction
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About MHome Group

Established in 1989, MHome Group Real Estate Development Group Co., Ltd is a listed company on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company has won the title of “China’s Top 100 Real Estate Enterprises” for ten times. Based in Wuhan with business operations nationwide, MHome has deployed 13 prefabrication factories in China.

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Wuhan, China

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Smart housing manufacturing

The challenge

  • The digital foundation of MHome was lacking. The company needed an enterprise-level platform to support the real-time collection and analysis of its project data to drive more informed business decisions.
  • The company needed to set up standard digital enterprise workflows to increase productivity, enhance management level and optimize resource allocation.
  • Its prefabrication factories demanded an integrated system to support their business development and nationwide digital management layout.

Strategies & Goals

Under its mission of “having more people live in good, attractive, and affordable houses”, MHome delivers fully furnished housing and develops complete housing solutions. Its goal is to transform the real estate industry into smart manufacturing industry.

The solution

RIB Software and MHome started their technology partnership from June 2017 for the prefabrication digitalization commitment of MHome. In September 2018, the iTWO 4.0 platform went live at MHome, and in October iTWO PPS was launched. The MHome – iTWO 4.0 5D BIM Enterprise Cloud Platform covers the entire SEPC industry chain process. RIB also further tailored the iTWO 4.0 platform for the business process of MHome. The system covers the entire process from project setup, inspection, delivery, including end-to-end product development and production chain.

The Previous Digital Systems in MHome

Before using iTWO 4.0, the software tools adopted by MHome were disconnected, posing a barrier for top-down integration. Their project construction process remained at the 2D design stage and was complemented by various Office software and Office Automation (OA) software, such as using OA system and paper documents for workflow approvals, Mingyuan software for bidding and tendering, and Kingdee for finance. MHome needed an integrated enterprise digital platform that can connect the planning phase, construction phase, and enterprise management.

MHome Digital Landscape with iTWO 4.0

MTWO prefabrication case study

MHome Digital Landscape with iTWO 4.0 iTWO 4.0 has become the core platform in the digital operation system of MHome. Through Virtual-into-Physical construction, real-time information sharing, project data analysis, and intelligent workflows, MHome can enhance the transparency of each process and drive enterprise-wide integration, efficient processes management, and enterprise-wide collaboration. iTWO 4.0 platform covers design, planning, estimating, scheduling, bidding, procurement, production, construction management, and project management. All stakeholders collaborate on one a common platform, making it easy for them to update and share project information in real time. Teams can synchronize master data such as users, suppliers, and materials for enterprise integration, import models from mainstream design software like Revit and Planbar, review workflows via mobile devices, conduct efficient procurement and optimize warehousing, check real-time project data from different locations, and integrate the financial system to create contracts, invoices and bills.


With iTWO 4.0 platform serving as the core of its BIM-based information system, MHome achieved the digitalization of the entire process of its smart housing factory. From the Virtual-into-Physical building process to lifecycle monitoring and management, the transparency of the entire process was enhanced, achieving lean production and an ecosystem of standard design, mass production, and smart installation management.

Standardized modeling rules and master database
  • Integrated contract items and suppliers master data for contract-based planning
  • Standardized cost estimation rules connected with dynamic material prices for cost estimation based on BIM virtual construction
BIM-based virtual construction
  • Cross-platform model integration and information sharing
  • Fast BIM-based cost estimation for accurate quotation
  • Precise contract-based planning and efficient procurement & subcontracting selection
  • Visual virtual construction to optimize planning and resource allocation
Real-time Project Control
  • Visual planning and early warning
  • Mobile-based quality and safety management
  • Integration of business and finance
  • Enterprise Control Tower analysis for real-time decision-making

As a leader in the industry, MHome has developed a unique integrated model of intelligent housing manufacturing, truly realizing “building a house like a car.” The company has built prefabrication factories nationwide and its factories in Wuhan, Qingdao, Hefei, Jingzhou, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, and Changsha have started operation. Its factories in Chengdu, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Jinan will also be completed and put into production.

While achieving the integration of design, production and construction, MHome reduced 50% of personnel on the production lines and increased productivity by 5 times. The annual production capacity of its 13 factories can reach 3.6 million cubic meters.

MHome was rated by China’s Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) as a “National Prefabricated Construction Industry Base”. On February 2, 2021, MHome’s Tianfu Project in Chongqing was listed as one of the intelligent construction demonstration projects by MOHURD, further consolidating its leading position in the industry.

“Enterprises should start digital management as early as possible. We shouldn’t wait until the habits are formed and then make changes. It will be more painful and more difficult.”
– Daoming Liu

Chairman, MHome Group

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