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About Raible + Partner

With over 130 employees at 5 locations, Raible + Partner is one of the largest engineering firms for the planning of electrical and communication technology.  Their history goes back to 1982.In the area of ​​electrotechnical building equipment, they cover the entire planning spectrum. For high voltage and lighting technology as well as for low voltage and communication technology.

“Technological progress is always considered very important in our enterprise and is part of our company philosophy”

-  Andreas Dieterle

Model-oriented project processing

in the field of electrical

and communications technology

DITZINGEN,  June XX 2015. With the iTWO 5D software from RIB, Raible + Partner GmbH & Co. KG wants to build up a horoughgoing, model-oriented planning process within the company. What is planned is the model-based processing of a medium-sized construction project with RIB software and the CAD system established in the firm for building technology. On this basis, according to the management, an integrated BIM process is to be developed in the engineering office to plan electronics and communications technologies. The goals for this new working method are improved time management and increased cost security with optimized planning quality.


Wolfgang Bauer, managing director of Raible + Partner on model-oriented planning and construction: “Technical progress is always considered very important in our enterprise and is part of our company philosophy. In individual fields of work, for example in routing, we have already had very good experiences with 3D geometric models. We want to extend these model-based project processing methods in a logical fashion.”


The iTWO 5D software from RIB offers the opportunity to input 3D geometric models via specified plug-ins. The key is to test whether in every planning phase – from pre-planning to billing – integration of CAD models and project and cost management information needs to be implemented. RIB offers quality-assured plug-ins for established 3D CAD programs for building technology planning. When using other CAD systems, data exchange via the open IFC standard (Industry Foundation Classes) is also possible. 

Gray Structure


High transparency

in the planning process

Improved coordination of

all involved in planning

BIM as an all-encompassing method ensures quality

in the project

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