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“Have you ever imagined that all Tender Managers will be using one common tool across Siemens Energy Transmission Solutions? Well, in this digital world, this is going to happen this time.”

- Process & Resource Manager


“We made our choice for iTWO because they are one of the only fully BIM integrated ERP solutions that we found on the market.”

- Tom Willemen

Managing Director of WILLEMEN GROEP NV

“It’s a very seamless project and at the moment is going on time and on budget.”


- Ramzi Abu Qamar

Managing Director of BIMTEC

“We are able to better communicate with all the other participants, even the client, we can really show him where the cost is connected in the model, that’s a big benefit for us.”


- Thomas von Küstenfeld

Head of Design Systems of Henn GmbH

“iTWO 4.0 allows us to optimize the efficiency of our different business partners.”

- Alfred Reyniers

Deputy General Manager of BESIX Group

“The implementation is going very well, we used RIB products for 10 years in our business unit.”


- Kai Herrmann

iTWO Program Manager of Siemens AG

“iTWO along with the other components of the digital project management platform has enabled us to undertake activities in a faster way, saving about 20% to 25% of the time, saving us cost about 10% of the cost so far.”


- Dr. Brijesh Dixit

Managing Director of Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.

“I think cloud is a neural brain, it’s where everything is going and where everything will be.”


- Dr. James Harty

Lecturer of KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

“I think that the most important reason was that it was the best solution and it’s strong enough. And we think also that it’s very important that it’s a globally used solution. "

- Jussi Ah


“I can tell you that we need iTWO more than iTWO needs us.”


- Juan Carols Argeaga, Ashish Kumar

Miami International Airport

“The idea of 5D is absolutely crucial to the successful functioning of BIM IT in the construction industry.”


- Chris Webster

Dean of Faculty of Architecture of The University of Hong Kong



“We have estimated over 1300 projects in iTWO, roughly 30% by using 3D and BIM for mostly quantities estimation, and finally there is 4.5 billion Euro system made it by using iTWO.”

- Vadim Semenov

Development Manager of YIT Group

“We are working together with RIB, iTWO 4.0, and we are fully installed. And that means in 14 projects with 2 billion volume, we are realizing BIM, Building Information Modeling. ”


- Christoph Gröner

Chairman of the Board of Management and the CEO from CG Gruppe

“ We are on the journey with iTWO and we are very excited about it, because we think it will bring us closer to predictive analytics. And that’s where we’d like to be. ”

- Bret Davis

Global Cost Engineering Leader of Procter & Gamble

“We bank on standards software, it’s iTWO, I think it’s such a standard software, whether the design and construction phase, also the facility management. ”

- Niko Warbanoff

Head of International Business at Deutsche BahnAG and CEO of

DB Engineering & Consulting

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