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Data-Driven Decision Making

Your data matters now more than ever before. Use MTWO to analyze the information in your database so that you can consistently make smarter decisions to win more business opportunities.

Control Tower

Gain instant insights into overall project performance in real time. Complete with a Big Data library and smart data analytics, the MTWO Control Tower presents visualized and interactive multi-project performance. Being able to instantly see these reports allows decision makers to effectively track project cost, predict project outcomes, and ultimately to make better decisions

At-a-Glance Project KPIs


Generate real-time project KPIs through highly customized reports on any device.

Visual Data Analytics

Explore more hidden insights with live analytics presented through stunning, user-friendly dashboards and reports.

Interactive Data

Filter, sort, and drill down data to get the exact information you need.


Custom Reports

Set the system’s report templates so that MTWO will automatically generate the reports you want, and then publish them directly to module dashboards. You can also export these reports into mainstream file formats.


Scenario Comparison

Compare BIM simulations side-by-side to evaluate different time and cost scenarios. You can also compare virtual models to models of actual progress.


Business Partner Evaluation

Put all project-related points of contact – and their details – in one place. Check partnership status at any time and run partner evaluation reports for any one project with any criteria you define.


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