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MTWO Platform Drives Efficiency and Sustainability

MTWO Platform Advantages

How MTWO 6D BIM Construction Cloud Platform can support you on your digital transformation

Break silos.
Build 30% more efficiently together.

MTWO offers everything you need to manage your project from end to end within one platform. Contractors, owners, site managers, estimators, schedulers and any other project roles can easily integrate and manage their processes through a single, always-connected cloud-based platform. 

Make better decisions
with connected & intelligent data

With a strong logical database and BI capability, MTWO enables project teams to gain instant visibility to all project dashboard and reports. The database forms a structured data foundation to adopt machine learning and AI, which unlocks the powerful value of your data, empowering decision makers to  predict trends, make smarter decisions and develop business strategies.

Simulate and reduce carbon
with 6D BIM Sustainability

MTWO is adding the 6th Dimension, the carbon factor, to its 5D BIM, enabling teams to simulate, monitor, and control construction time (4D), cost (5D), and carbon (6D) throughout the project lifecycle, transforming the construction industry into the most sustainable industry on earth.

Grow your business
with the scalable platform

MTWO platform is highly flexible and scalable, it’s easy to customize workflows and processes that best fit your organization. As your business grows,  it’s constantly evolves to accommodate the growing needs of your enterprise, securing your long-term digital success.

MTWO is for all stakeholders


Improve your profit margin and reduce carbon emission when you manage projects better and smarter with an end-to-end platform.

“One of our highest principles is to minimize negative environmental influences through best technologies. Therefore, sustainability played a major role in the choice of a suitable software. With iTWO, we have chosen a future-proof innovative solution that will digitize our planning and execution processes and make them more effective.”

Gerald Gunsch,

Project Manager, Fröschl AG & Co. KG


Develop low carbon building and maximize ROI by managing master schedule from investment planning to construction phase in one place.

“MTWO is the heart of the whole system because it allows, through technology, to remove the human errors that exist in this type of projects and to parameterize all the construction processes. It minimizes possible risks and allows us to realize industrialized construction, as well as to offer a successful product with "ÁVIT-A".”

Juan Jesús González,

Head of Planning and Organization, Avintia Group

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Build ideal projects with full transparency into the entire project lifecycle and 6D BIM data extendable for the operation phase. 

“In RIB we have found a strong and forward-looking partner who, just like us, lives the issues of sustainability and digitization and will continue to drive them forward together with us. "

Markus Egerer,

Chairman of the management board, DB Bahnbau Gruppe

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future-proof your construction business.

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