5D BIM Construction
Cloud Platform

MTWO is a future proof construction enterprise cloud software that helps to manage all projects from end to end with 5D BIM, connects all teams anytime anywhere through all devices, and provides real-time intelligent data for effective decision-making, helping project teams to build faster, smarter and better, and enabling enterprises to be more efficient, sustainable and successful.

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    How the next generation construction platform MTWO can support you on your digital transformation

    5D BIM end-to-end project management

    MTWO offers everything you need to manage your project from end to end within one platform.
    Plan: BIM Model Management, Estimating, Quantity Takeoff, Scheduling, 5D Simulation, Bid Management
    Build: Procurement , Resource Management, Prefabrication, Quality & Safety Management, Controlling
    Operate: Facility Management
    Enterprise Management: Business Partner Management, Workflow Management, Enterprise 5D BIM, Document Management, BI, AI

    Turn big data into smart data

    As an integrated overall cloud platform, MTWO is able to collect and structure all your project data in one centralized database, and turn the data into intelligent insight with BI capability.

    It empowers you to access and use insights in real-time to gain visibility of an entire construction life cycle and overall business performance, to then make more informed decision and drive improvements.

    Connect all teams and stakeholders

    MTWO connects all teams and stakeholders through all devices anytime, anywhere. With MTWO Cloud, contractors, owners, site managers, estimators, schedulers and any other project roles can easily integrate and manage their processes through a single, always-connected cloud-based platform. Data are updated and shared in real-time, helping to drive instant decision making and improve communication efficiency.

    Scalable to evolve with your business

    MTWO is highly compatible and scalable. It’s not only compatible with your existing tools, but also can easily grow with your business. It allows you to increase your numbers of users, define more customized workflows and reports, and most importantly, it has thousands of public API to connect with any third-party tools. It forms a powerful foundation to develop more advanced capability in the future, such as IoT, AI and smart analytics.

    The Platform Advantages

    Real-time Data

    Instant accessibility to complete, accurate and structured data for the needed analysis and decision making along project concept to completion.

    Productivity without

    Seamless collaboration across all teams through connected data and automatic workflows.

    Optimal Project

    Connect 3D design model with time and cost to perform 5D simulation, to optimize project time and cost, reduce rework and risks.

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