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MTWO is a world-class end-to-end 5D BIM construction management solution that connects all project contributors along with their processes and data – all on one platform. MTWO facilitates virtual-to-physical construction planning with artificial intelligence while operating on the cloud. The result of all project contributors working and collaborating within MTWO is streamlined workflow, more efficient communication, and better-than-ever productivity. 

5D BIM Project Lifecycle Management

MTWO links project lifecycle management with 5D Building Information Models in order to group all relevant data in one place. The resulting streamlined workflows ensures data consistency and helps to provide insight for future project development. 

  • Enterprise Master Data

  • Workflow Management

  • BIM Model Management

  • Quantity Take Off

  • Estimation

  • Scheduling

  • Project Management

  • Procurement

Seamless Collaboration

Share data and documents in real-time so it is a guarantee that you are always looking at the most updated versions. Access the platform no matter where you are, connecting the jobsite and office. Collaborate with others under one single source of truth.

  • 5D BIM Collaboration

  • Document Management

  • Mobile Apps

  • Skype Integration

  • Access Control

Data-Driven Decision Making

Understanding your data matters more today than ever before. MTWO helps you analyze the enterprise Big Data in your database to draw data-driven conclusions so that you can make smarter decisions and win more business opportunities. 

  • Control Tower

  • Custom Reports

  • Scenario Comparison

  • Business Partner Evaluation

Automation & AI

Meet McTWO, RIB Software’s construction artificial intelligence solution. Artificial intelligence will allow all players in the construction industry to be substantially more productive. McTWO assists engineers to work smarter, more safely, and more efficiently.

  • Voice Assistance

  • Chatbot

  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning