Stay safe and productive with smart distancing

As the global pandemic continues to impact the construction industry, physical distancing in construction sites plays a critical role in prioritising the wellbeing of the construction professionals as well as maintaining business continuity.

In this time of uncertainty, we offer the new technology, iTWOsafe, to support construction companies smartly monitoring and tracking physical distancing on job fields. Once the iTWOsafe app is downloaded to a user's smartphone and connected with our light-weighted Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices attached on the working outfit, working distances are then ready to be measured. Limited app access available soon. Register your interest today!

Key Features

Alert before breaching the distance requirement


Traceable contact history for infection emergency


Comprehensive report to showcase precautions


Creates & promotes a healthy and safe work environment

Work in confidence with the iTWOsafe APP. available soon

With smart monitoring bluetooth, the iTWOsafe app tracks your physical distance to other devices on-site so that you can work in confidence, knowing how close you are to other workers. Register your interest today!


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