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MTWO for Owners

Manage your project with transparency and confidence, ensuring it’s built within budget, on-time and of the highest quality

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Manage All Project Stakeholders in One Platform 

MTWO is an integrated cloud platform that enables project owner to collaborate with general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers etc., under one single source of truth for the project lifecycle management. The real-time seamless collaboration helps to:
  • Reduce information delay
  • Eliminate change orders and rework
  • Improve project management transparency and productivity

5D BIM Simulation, Visualize Decision Making

MTWO Cloud is the first solution that takes 5D BIM technology to the cloud. It combines the project cost and scheduling elements into the 3D BIM models, and can process 5D BIM simulation of different scenarios for project owners to compare and evaluate. The visualization of different scenarios helps project owners determine the best solution to ensures projects are delivered within budget, on-time and of the highest quality.

Real-time Project Control with Mobile App 

Get real-time project progress updates at your fingertips. MTWO integrates real-time reports that enables you to monitor your running projects comprehensively. The visual reports are real-time, empowering you to make efficient decisions based on real-time data.

Run more efficiently anytime, anywhere on all devices

MTWO is subscription-based, significantly helping project owners cut hardware and IT costs. Under one centralized cloud platform, all stakeholders can use anytime, anywhere from desktops to  mobile devices. The scalability of the system supports development of custom apps to meet growing business needs.

Smart Supply Chain Management, Just in Time Delivery

MTWO Cloud enables demand-driven, build-to-order production for developer. Precise procurement plans with detailed quantities and delivery arrangement can be generated from virtual construction. The Bill of Material can be directly transferred into a purchase order, avoiding unnecessary costs from inventory and storage. In this optimized supply chain, manufacturing and logistics scheduling are perfectly aligned with the project execution to reach the target of just-in-time production and delivery.


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