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MTWO for Owners

Manage projects with multi-dimensional confidence

Challenges Facing Owners

How MTWO can help you

Make sure projects meet all expectations

Use 5D Building Information Modeling (BIM) and virtual construction to generate the most optimized project plans. This level of digital planning allows you to effectively monitor costs, timelines, and more – all through one source.

Keep everyone on the same page at all times

With every project contributor working from and reporting into one platform, project owners consistently have all the information they need to fully understand all the moving parts of the building process.

Transition smoothly into post-construction

Maintain access to crucial data during operation and maintenance phases. Supplier and material data are integrated into BIM models, and this perspective helps users manage facilities more effectively.

One Platform for Every Role

Decision Makers

Get access to overall project performance in one place to support fast and informed decision making


Manage project reports, workflows and approvals more effectively with the support of structured BIM data

Onsite Professionals

Improve work efficiency with comprehensive software functions in one single platform