MTWO for Owners

Manage projects with multi-dimensional confidence

“We bank on standards software, it’s iTWO (RIB solution) , I think it’s such a standard software, whether the design and construction phase, also the facility management. ”

- Niko Warbanoff

CEO of DB Engineering & Consulting

How MTWO can help you

MTWO Construction Cloud: Make sure projects meet all expectations

Make sure projects meet all expectations

Use 5D Building Information Modeling (BIM) and virtual construction to generate the most optimized project plans. This level of digital planning allows you to effectively monitor costs, timelines, and more – all through one source.

MTWO seamless-collaboration.png

Keep everyone on the same page at all times

With every project contributor working from and reporting into one platform, project owners consistently have all the information they need to fully understand all the moving parts of the building process.

MTWO transfer data for facility management

Transition smoothly into post-construction

Maintain access to crucial data during operation and maintenance phases. Supplier and material data are integrated into BIM models, and this perspective helps users manage facilities more effectively.

Who uses MTWO Cloud

​C-Level Management

Access project portfolio overview in real-time with dashboards, make data driven decisions.


Create the most thorough, precise estimating with 3D models, and resource data from previous projects.

Project Managers

Monitor project progress , cost and quality with real-time data updated from project teams at office or in the field.

BIM Teams

Import models from mainstream design platform,  manage multi-version models and preview CAD drawing.

Tendering Teams

Prepare tender BOQ, receive quotes from vendors through online portals and compare prices automatically to choose the best bidder.

Procurement Teams

Manage the whole procurement process in one platform and get ordered  items delivered on time.

Quantity Surveyors

Generate automated quantities with an innovative 3D takeoff approach.

Bidding Teams

Develop project milestone planning, and track project progress with milestones.


Record issues in real-time with mobile app for early resolution. Review modification for acceptance.