RIB achieves breakthrough in the 140 billion euro market for technical building equipment

Stuttgart, Germany, 16 January 2020. RIB Software SE, the world’s leading provider of iTWO 4.0 Cloud Enterprise Platform Technology, today announced the conclusion of a Phase-II-contract with a leading French provider with a subsidiary in Germany in the field of technical building equipment.

With MTWO and iTWO 4.0, industry solutions such as technical building equipment can now be easily configured and new markets can be entered. With MTWO, the sales cycle can also be reduced to less than 1 month or by 80% and Go Live can be achieved in record time thanks to the standard platform.

“In Germany itself, the industry revenue in the technical building equipment sector reaches approx. 140 billion euros with a huge IT user potential of 1.6 million employees. In terms of CAPEX and OPEX costs of all buildings, the technical building equipment sector represents approx. 40% of the lifecycle costs of a building. For RIB this opens up a huge new customer potential. If the strong demand for MTWO and iTWO in recent weeks continues, I am pleased that RIB will create many new jobs in Germany in 2020. With MTWO and iTWO technology, technical building equipment projects can be simulated, optimised and produced efficiently and cost-effectively in all phases. The market is dominated by international technology groups such as Schneider Electric SE and Siemens, which, like RIB, have set themselves the goal of digitizing the construction industry and developing climate-neutral cities and infrastructure for the next generation”, says Erik von Stebut, Managing director/authorized signatory of RIB in Germany.


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