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Working remotely doesn’t mean that your teams should feel remote. MTWO Complete Construction Cloud supports construction teams to stay connected and remain productive anytime, anywhere. Now integrated with Microsoft Teams, MTWO enables users to collaborate by chat, calls, and video conferences, regardless of location.

As remote working continues to grow exponentially worldwide, any enterprises with a significant number of employees should consider adopting technologies to effectively manage remote teams, including the construction sector, which employs about 7% of the world’s working-age population. With many teams supporting project completion, the industry demands efficient collaboration for successful project delivery.

MTWO platform offers a powerful way for construction project teams to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge. It supports multiple users, working with multiple devices from multiple locations across all enterprise – one single platform managing the project lifecycle. With artificial intelligence technologies, MTWO enhances users’ productivity by enabling quick access to project information, eliminating routine tasks and automating operations. Project metrics, displayed through the MTWO Control Tower, gives executives the real-time project KPIs both overall and in detail, and decide next steps.

Instant collaboration, anywhere, anytime

In times of uncertainty, employees need faster ways to collaborate about critical topics to avoid misinformation. MTWO Cloud supports digital management of the entire lifecycle of a construction project, from project planning, to construction and operations while connecting enterprise-wide teams on one single cloud platform. From the office to the jobsite, everyone is connected, collaborating over one single database. Users can log into the platform on any device and manage the project, wherever they are.

Efficient construction project management demands efficient onsite tools to keep things running smoothly. Built with a Mobile First approach, MTWO offers comprehensive mobile apps to help site teams easily track and report project progress.

Real-time project metrics for data-driven decisions

Data matters, but how do you keep track of what’s important amidst the data deluge? With MTWO Control Tower, data from project lifecycle is integrated for visual, real-time project KPIs including scope, costs, schedule, safety, etc., empowering executives to have instant access to project key metrics, see beyond the numbers, visualize trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Immediate face-to-face connection wherever you are

MTWO is integrated with Microsoft Teams to enable everyone to collaborate by chat, voice, or video, no matter where they are. With Teams, stakeholders can:

  • Build virtual teams
  • Chat, call, and hold video conferences
  • Access, share and edit documents in real-time
  • Check reports
  • Share model links and add data to BIM models
  • Save changed data and communication notes

Everyone can share information efficiently and receive immediate feedback, allowing all to stay connected anytime, anywhere.

Managing files on a single platform

Effective file sharing is crucial for productive collaboration. To make work faster, teams want to discover and share the right document to the right person. Cloud-based solutions for file sharing and management offer an easy way to store, organize and share knowledge digitally. With MTWO’s cloud-based comprehensive document library, all users have one central location to manage and share records across the entire asset lifecycle. Once the documents are uploaded, users can connect them to relevant modules.

Secure cloud environment

A great concern for every cloud platform user is the level of security the platform provides. MTWO runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud, which provides a secure foundation across physical, infrastructure, and operational security. We chose Azure to be our trusted cloud due to its platform security and Microsoft’s scale of investments across infrastructure, hardware, and experts are unparalleled. Enterprises will remain in full control over the data as they know it.

Work smarter, more efficiently and more safely with artificial intelligence

The repetitive routine task is never fun. Our construction industry expertise is combined with AI technologies to automate operations, drive real-time data-driven decisions, and eliminate tedious routine tasks for construction professionals. McTWO, the Artificial Intelligence designed specifically to support construction professionals, can help teams to:

  • Automate workflows and processes. By analyzing project historical data, McTWO provides predictions, forecasts, and recommendations on the projects.
  • Access project information fast. McTWO Chatbot enables you to access project information such as business partner evaluation, material cost calculation, and project milestones within seconds.
  • Swift onsite inspection and reporting. McTWO supports onsite staff during inspections or project performance updating. For instance, photos of defects can be attached with the reports. Onsite staff can speak to McTWO to schedule a meeting, send an email, or start an emergency phone call.
  • Enhance your vision on the jobsite. Powered by the integration of Microsoft’s HoloLens and RIB’s MTWO Cloud, iTWOlens helps site professionals to map out the physical along with BIM objects, visualize future construction, all the while working hands-free.

Working remotely doesn’t mean that your team should feel remote. In times of uncertainty like this, efficient collaboration is key to help businesses safeguard their employees and navigate the unpredictable. MTWO helps collaboration get into full swing by connecting all people, processes and data, empowering enterprises to manage their projects with maximized productivity.

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