Digital snagging, inspections, safety rounds and QA Full overview and documentation with no time waste

Defect management


With RIB Capture, registration and photo documentation for shortage reviews, quality assurance and supervision becomes easy and efficient. No more loose notes, no more duplicated work, thanks to our mobile app.

RIB Capture is a valuable and effective registration tool for all parties that perform inspections and document the quality and extent of the work performed. Mobile registrations and online access save time for all parties involved, whilst providing a full overview of the construction processes. With Capture, records and photos can be used constructively along the way and eventually be included in the overall documentation to supplement checklists.


  • One tool - many options. You can use Capture for several purposes - such as quality assurance, supervision, defects management and 1 and 5 year inspections.
  • Available everywhere. All parties can work productively, whether in the office or on site - on PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones.
  • Offline registration. All registrations can be created offline and then transferred to RIB's server if there is no signal at the building site.
  • Individually customized. Opportunity for a customised and unique workflow for precisely your process. Use the pre-defined workflows or create your own.
  • Print reports. You can print reports for all or selected records, including photo documentation, floor plans and descriptions.
  • Full documentation. Full traceability and documentation are ensured, so that any disputes can be resolved using file histories.


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