Finance Management

Finance Management


100% transparency, 100% mobility, 100% integration

With the integrated solution for technical and commercial company management, the commercial decision-maker always has a fully updated overview of project and company. In this way, modern digital planning and construction finds its continuation in modern ERP processes for medium-sized companies: project controlling in real-time!


  • Project controlling in real-time quality.
  • Comprehensive drill-down functions offer instant, informative reporting.
  • Construction 4.0-ready. With the networking of project and production processes, entire logistics and value-added chains can be controlled and optimized in real time.
  • Business partner management.
  • Mobile integration.
  • Perfect integration into MS Office solutions
  • Project and company controlling across state borders. Accounting rules as desired, e.g. to IFRS or GAAP.
  • Integrated business intelligence tools provide you with key figures and report analysis to monitor your processes.
  • Integrated deposit accounting with payment plans represents the typical process of the deposit chain in construction.


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