Virtual Lab

Experience MTWO Cloud with lively and interactive Virtual Lab session.


 Virtually experience

MTWO-empowered construction digitalization

Virtual Lab is the  2-3 days intensive and interactive online workshop that creates a collaboration environment for key stakeholders of your company to learn MTWO Complete Construction Cloud technology, experience the software hands-on with your own project data from end to end, and develop digital transformation strategy with professional support from the MTWO expert team. 

Learn MTWO Cloud

Understand the overall concept and benefits of MTWO Construction Cloud platform, and how it can help your organization achieve more productive and sustainable projects.

Gain hands-on experience

Dive deep into MTWO project lifecycle functionalities with your own project data and gain hands-on experience under the guide of MTWO expert team.

Develop digital strategy

Collaboratively define your processes, workflows, KPIs, applications, dashboards and enterprise setup for your digitalization strategies.

Get started to experience MTWO Construction Cloud and develop your own digitalization strategy with the help of MTWO expert team!

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