Make your way to successful digital transformation


Would you like a dedicated workshop to develop your optimal digital transformation strategy?

Digital transformation is essential for the development of the construction sector today. It is the right time now to refine your strategy and gain efficiency with the new working method that digital technology brings.

Explore how MTWO teams can help you make your way to successful digital transformation by having intensive Virtual Lab workshop with you and your team, empowering you to develop your own optimal digital transformation strategy.

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A Three-Stage
Lab Process

Stage 1:
Understand your digital goals and software landscape

In this stage we will look to get a better understanding on your digitalization goals, your current working processes and the implementation pain points of your current systems.

Stage 2:
Experience end-to-end digitization with your own data

In this stage, we will run your project from planning to execution with your own project data on the MTWO platform, finding ways to improve your project management.

Stage 3:
Develop a digital strategy for long-term success

In this stage we will work together with your team to summarize the findings from the workshop and develop an optimal digital strategy that help you win in the changing world.


Man-day Preparation


Work Days
Intensive Workshop



Your optimal digital transformation strategy

At the end of the workshop you will be able to develop an optimal digital transformation strategy, in which your processes, workflows, KPIs, and applications will be optimized to support your long-term business success.

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